About Us

Metrics Technology, Inc., is a privately held New Mexico corporation located in Albuquerque. The company’s main business is to produce commercial software products that provide data acquisition and analysis for the design and quality assurance of semiconductor and other microelectronic devices.

Metrics Technology’s software products provide instrument control, data analysis, and provide easy setup of complex instrumentation through a Microsoft Windows graphical user interface all with no programming by the end user. The company’s products have been used for more than 25 years and by thousands of customers worldwide including: semiconductor manufacturers, research laboratories, universities, and other commercial electronics manufactures. Metrics Technology’s products have been created “for engineers by engineers”.

How to reach us:

Metrics Technology, Inc.
12 Bluebird Rd.
Placitas, New Mexico 87043
Phone: 505-761-9630
Facsimile: 505-213-0151

or send us an e-mail at: info@metricstech.com